Examples of topics relevant to this conference are the following:

Pedagogical Perspectives

• Pedagogical theories in entrepreneurship education

• Methods and methodologies of entrepreneurship teaching;

• Cases and practices in the teaching and learning entrepreneurship;

  • Experiences outside the classroom (e.g., practicums, mobility)
  • Competency-based learning and skill assessment
  • Project-based learning and skill assessment
  • Service-learning experiences in entrepreneurship learning
  • Promoting and assessing student engagement

• Innovative materials and tools for teaching entrepreneurship

• Entrepreneurship education for non-business students

• Developing tools and competencies for the front-end of innovation

Institutional Perspectives

• Entrepreneurial educational institutions, the model of education for entrepreneurship at institutional level

• Developing and sustaining Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institutions, strategies and approaches

Regional Perspectives

• The teaching of entrepreneurship in the context of the regional innovation system

• Issues, contradictions, challenges and perspectives for the future

• Regional ecosystems and entrepreneurial mindset

• Public Policy in the promotion of entrepreneurship education

• The regional perspective of Social Entrepreneurship (e.g.: Service-learning experiences)

Application Perspectives

• Coaching approaches for Entrepreneurship education

• Entrepreneurship for Educators (K12 & HE)

• Entrepreneurship Education for Women / Women's Entrepreneurship Education

• Cooperative Entrepreneurship Education

• Senior Entrepreneurship Education

Technology Perspectives

• Emerging technologies in teaching and learning entrepreneurship (e.g., Massive Open Online Courses, Open educational resources, Gamification, Serious Games)

• Innovative materials and tools for teaching entrepreneurship


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