Universidade do Porto / INESC TEC

September 13, 2018

This conference aims at disseminating experiences and practices in Entrepreneurship Education providing a broad view on the topic covering the Pedagogical Perspectives, the Institutional Perspective, the Regional Perspective and the Technology Perspectives.

To this end, we have an Organizing Commission that is responsible for managing the conference operations and a Scientific Comission and Advisory Board whose roles are defined below.

Host Organization

This event is being hosted by:


  • INESC TEC, Campus FEUP, Porto, Portugal (location)

About Porto

Scientific Commission


The Scientific Commission actively supports the organization commission in the implementation of paper review best practices, as well as in the selection of topics for discussion in the conference. The Scientific Commission will further support the process of Conference dissemination.

Advisory Board


The Advisory Board has as its main mission evaluating and suggesting improvements to CEE in order to make it more relevant to the organizations and to the society. With this objective in mind, the Advisory Board should make comments to the actual conference contents and make its own evaluation of past events, and finally on the positioning of CEE as a pivot on the entrepreneurship training process while bridging the gap between the Enterprise world and the Education Institutions.

Conference Information

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